A how-to guide for expatriates of the new century

The New Expats method of expatriation uses data from around the world to find the best health care, lowest cost of living, quality infrastructure, easy visa regulations, and more. It's fun and practical research for The New Expats of this century. Learn which countries are best for business start-ups, where New Expats are least likely to get food poisoning, where to get a cell phone on arrival in Iceland, or what countries have a better justice system than the U.S. Purchase the book here.

Cost of Living

Regardless of whether a move to another country is for retirement or a company transfer, cost of living is always of interest. Americans are accustomed to a standard of living that is comparable to few other places. But what if we can live like kings in our chosen country? If you're thinking of leaving the country, discover where a dollar can go furthest!

Health Care

Sooner or later even the healthiest people need to see a doctor. In the U.S. it can cost hundreds of dollars just to get in the door to a physicians office. New Expats know how to stretch a dollar. We are resourceful and can get better care abroad than in the States and for much less. Find out where to get the best health care in the world!


Crime is something any reasonable person wants to avoid. Some places are more dangerous than others. Like America, we don't have to live in fear to save a buck. Learn where people around the world feel safe and crime is still low!

Working or Doing Business

International jobs are hard to find but rewarding when you do land one. For those more entrepreneurial, starting a business abroad has never been easier. Some countries even offer incentive to new business start-ups. Find out where the jobs are and where it's easiest to start a new business!


These are the roads, electricity, water systems ... and internet and cell phones that keep New Expats connected to bank accounts, business partners and managers. Find out where you'll have an easier time staying connected!